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It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that Sam Mbah has died. He died on November 6 2014, of complications arising from his heart condition. His recovery had appeared to be going well, but then a crisis arose and he was rushed to hospital. He died a short time later.

I am very upset to hear of Sam’s death. He was a great human and comrade. I only knew him for a few years, but he made a big impression on me. He was kind and thoughtful, and had a brilliant mind. The world is worse without him. Many, many comrades and activists around the globe will be saddened to hear of this loss. Our thoughts are with Sam’s family and friends. We send our sympathy and condolences.

– Jeremy, blog administrator

In response to a request from Sam, Jura Books in Australia coordinated a fundraising appeal to assist Sam with the heart operation he has needed for some time. Together, the global anarchist community successfully raised over US$3,500 for Sam, which Jura transferred to him via international bank transfer.

Sam made the trip to India in order to undergo the medical procedure, and returned to Nigeria to recover. The procedure seems to have gone well and Sam is recovering, although slowly.

Sam has asked to pass on his thanks and best wishes to all comrades who contributed to the fundraising appeal.

Sam writes…

At the start of the appeal:
“I continue to lose weight and experience general body weakness as a consequence of my heart condition. In the past three months, I have been working  to raise funds from friends and family, to be able to undertake a trip to India where I am billed to undergo heart surgery to replace the defective valves. So far, I have been able to raise US$15,000 out of the US$25,000 required for the trip, expected at the beginning of July this year. The amount covers my medical expenses as well as the round trip. I am still working to raise the outstanding balance and I wish to appeal to you and fellow comrades to assist me in raising part of it. No amount will be too big or too small. My appreciation goes to all our comrades around the world. Thank you all.”

Half way through the fundraising appeal, just before he went to get the operation:
“My morale is boosted by the realisation that there are comrades and friends in distant places who are willing to contribute to arresting the situation before it deteriorates further. My family and I are gratified indeed.”

After returning from the operation:
“So glad to be able to get in touch with you again. I have been back to Nigeria since 15th August after spending four weeks plus in Mumbai India. Since my return, I can say thus far from the position of a medical layman that the  procedure is holding, although at a very high cost indeed. But you must understand that the road to my full recovery is bound to be a slow and painful process. Kindly bring this to the attention of our friends and comrades who would otherwise want to enter into active correspondence with me. I hope to be fit enough by the end of September and then I can maintain regular communication with friends and comrades. Thank you so much.”

Thanks and congratulations to all donors

Special thanks to Jura Books for coordinating the fundraising appeal, to AK Press for publicising the appeal, and to See Sharp Press for their effort in bringing Sam’s book royalties forward and continuing to negotiate publishing projects on his behalf. Also to Brisbane Solidarity Network, and the many other groups and individuals around the world who donated to assist Sam. (Amounts below are in US$ and in some cases have been slightly reduced by Paypal fees):

  • Australia: Jura Books ($349), Brisbane Solidarity Network ($322), CP ($460), JK ($110), WT ($110), MV ($90), BL ($92), JK ($90), RS ($46), NA ($37), TOC ($22), SC ($22), PS ($9).
  • Austria: SB ($44).
  • Brazil: BPA ($13).
  • Canada: JB ($89), MT ($22), KPB ($4).
  • Germany: SB ($17), TM ($11).
  • New Zealand Aotearoa: KM ($44).
  • Poland: TB ($44).
  • Sweden: MN ($13)
  • UK: AD ($162), UG ($89), ST ($26), GC ($17), AS ($9).
  • USA: See Sharp Press ($575), JK ($145), AK ($100), JJ ($96), Workers Solidarity Alliance ($72), BC ($52), EH ($50), AG ($50), LA ($34), MK ($24), SD ($24), AA ($19), LW ($19), MM ($19), ZZH ($10), JM ($9), JM ($5).

– Blog administrator

Sam’s health has been deteriorating due to a heart condition. He needs an operation on his heart and is seeking to raise the US$12,000 required for the operation.

Jura Books in Australia is helping Sam to fundraise. Please make a donation now – any amount would be appreciated. You can donate from anywhere in the world via the Jura paypal, or by direct transfer into the Jura bank account if you are in Australia. Please include the reference ‘Sam Mbah’ and email jura[at] to let them know you’ve made the donation. All funds will be sent to Sam in one transfer.

If you are in Sydney, there will also be a fundraising party with music and food: 6pm, Sat 21 June, at Jura (440 Parramatta Road, Petersham).

If you are able to organise fundraising in another part of the world, please let us know via the contact form on this blog.

– Blog administrator